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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Snow update

A week into snow skiing and I couldn't be more happy.  Not to mention feeling pretty fortunate about being in a place where there is enough snow to ski on.  That is defiantly not the case in a lot of places right now. 
I had a great week of skiing last week, focusing mostly on getting hours in on snow.  Jumping into the sprint qualifier on Wednesday was a nice treat, but quickly there after went back to building up my hours.  I was happy with how I felt through the week, handling the high volume better than I anticipated.  Now going into week two on snow I am looking to get geared up for a little more intensity and a lot more shooting!  I was also planning to race in the Supertour races this coming weekend in Bozeman but it seems that old man winter hasn't yet arrived there, or showed up for a while but has since left in the last week or so.  High temperatures are looking to be well into the 40s with little snow on the ground currently.  Needless to say, things aren't looking good for the races.  There are a lot of different rumors going around; the possibility of shortening the races, holding them up higher at the venue in Bozeman, moving them back here to West or just even canceling them.  No matter what you may or may not believe right now, truth is none of us will really know until Wednesday evening when the official call will be made.  While I have been really looking forward to racing in the large and competitive fields that these races would be sure to offer, I also know that staying here in West, where the skiing is great, and doing a biathlon time trial wouldn't be a bad option either.  

Wishing you all a snowy week!
cheers, BethAnn

I was impressed with the number of kids and adults who participated in a novice biathlon race last week.  I helped out on the range and was excited to see not only huge numbers there but also a lot excitement in all the racers. 

I was very happy to be back in the same state as my husband David for the week.  While working hard with Boulder Nordic Sport, he also found a little time to jump into the classic race last Sunday!

The very familiar and welcoming sign at the start of the trails here in West Yellowstone.

There have been a lot of great upgrades to the range here. Things are looking good. 

Friday, November 25, 2011


There may be no better feeling then skiing on good snow for the first time of a new season.  And  there is definitely  great skiing here in West Yellowstone right now.  I am happy to be out here along with, what feels like, half of the Nordic skiers from the entire country.  The skiing is great and trails are awesome.  The weather has been great so far, although there are some very black clouds in the sky right now, but I am hoping only more snow will come from it.
This week is the big ski festival out here.  The Supertour races started on Wednesday with a little sprint qualifier.  It was more than your average sprint course, but it was only a qualifier.  This means you only had to ski it once,  so it made for a quick race.  There were both classic and skate races and most people did both.  I decided to jump in the race but opted for just the skate portion.  
I was excited to put a bib on for the first time this season.  I was pretty happy with my end result of 15th place.  It was a very competitive field and I feel I made a solid effort out there.  I had enough fun to make me consider doing another couple Nordic races next week in Bozeman.  After that however, it is all biathlon!  My poor rifle is starting to feel left out.  
It's time to run out the door and get my workout started for the morning.  More updates to come.