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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A few departing shots from Deutschland

Here are a few last shots taken from my wohnwagen adventure in Deutschland.....

There and back again

The Wohnwagen adventure contiuned down the road from Garmish on to Rupholing. I was excited to have the chance to race in Rupholding for a couple reasons. It is also a huge hub of biathlon. Biathlon seems to be the heart of the town. And it will also be home to the 2012 World Championships. They have changed the race course and are continuing to build MORE buildings around the venue in perperation for this big event next year.
We had a couple of beautiful days of training early on in the week, with cold nights and sunny warm days, making the snow nice and fast in the morning while softening up by the afternoon. Come race day things weren't looking so nice. Our sprint race on Saturday can only be described as wet. It was pretty much pouring rain all night, (which was great to listen to pounding on the roof as we tried to sleep in our little portable home). Things did not get any more dry as the morning went on, so we all just acepted the idea that we were going to stay wet for the next few hours and continued to do our normal prerpartions for the race.
For some unknown reason the officals wanted to spice up our normal sprint race by adding relay rounds into the mix. Relay rounds are three extra rounds most often placed in an extra round holder on the side of each competitors stock. During relays you have to single load each of these rounds to hit any remaining targets left after shooting your normal five shots. It enables you to have a total of eight rounds to hit five targets, so in most cases it is a safe bet that you can stay out of the penalty loop during relays. Our race was an individual sprint race with the addition of these three extra "relay" rounds for each of our two shooting stages. I was happy to have hit nine of my ten shots without any relays. Unfortunatlly I had to use all three of my extra rounds in prone to hit my one missed taret. The rain got to me and very wet hands froze so I struggled a bit with the loading. I wasn't happy with the time loss I took for this, but was very happy to have avoided the penalty loop for the race.
The race field in Rupholding was more on the international side with Great Britan, Norway, Canada and of course the U.S. all having great representation. The twins and I were excited to join up with some of our fellow American's during our time in Rupholding, as part of the U.S. U-26 team was there racing as well. It was great to have a little more company and some additional help on the range and with our skis.
My race on Sunday started off well. It was exciting to jump into a mass start race with so much compeition. We don't have many racing opporutnities like this in our regular season. My skiing continued to go well and stayed right up with everyone until my last stage when I may have had approached the range a bit too hard and found myself shaky and a little on the light headed side while trying to shoot. This is something I don't recomend for anyone! It is not a recipe for good shooting, as I am sure you can imagine.
Over all, the races went very well during my trip and Lanny, Tracy and I faired quite well living and traveling in our little RV for the three or so weeks. Despite one or two cold nights, it was a pretty smooth trip. We never even had to pull the tire chains out! Getting the chance to race internationally like this in biathlon is a priceless oportunity. I feel very lucky to have been able to go on this trip and want to thank everyone who helped support me to help make this trip happen.
Now home again, I am catching with all that I missed while gone. I am excited to move forward with my training and start putting in the work necessary to get myself back to Rupholding next March for World Championships! Can't wait.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On the move again

We made it. The past week we have been traveling a bit in our little RV. And it has been treating us well.
This past weekend we didn't have any biathlon races to do so we decided to mix things up a bit and jump into Germany's biggest Nordic race of the year. It is a marathon race called the Konig Ludwig Lauf. There was a 21km option that we all chose. After looking at my training and racing schedule for the weeks ahead I decided I would save some of my energy and try touring for a day. So that is what I did. And while I felt my competitive side twitch a time or two and defiantly picked things up towards the end, I enjoyed my "easy" ski with a few thousand Germans around me.
Our afternoon recovery workout for that day consisted of a little different kind of training. We hiked up a long winding road to the Neuschwanstein castle. It was my first castle tour and I was pretty impressed by it.
Since then we have moved on to settle down in Rupholding, where we will race again this coming weekend. The weather has held out for us so far with more sunny days and pretty warm temperatures. It's been great to check out the changes in the trails they have done here in preparation for World Championships to be held here next winter. They actually have a sign in downtown counting down the days to their start next March.
The next few days will consist of normal prerace training, which keeps the days busy. Looking forward to putting that race bib on again at the end of the week.
More to come soon.....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

World Cups in Maine

While I might not be there to enjoy all the excitement going on in Northern Maine right now, that doesn't mean all of you can't! Tomorrow the first World Cup race will kick off a two week stint in Northern Maine for all of the athletes racing on the World Cup. These athletes are the best in the world and they don't make it to North American very often. I hope you all get a chance to travel to the Nordic Heritage Center in Presque Isle or to the 10th Mountain Lodge in Fort Kent to be a part of these awesome events! And don't forget your cowbells!
Check out the link below to view a short new clip on what the kids of Aroostook County think about this event!

On to the next...

We have had four days of beautiful sunny, blue skies here in Oberhof. From what I am told, that is a rare occurrence. This morning we woke up to the fog again and new that it was time to move on to our next location, Garmish. We were actually planning to do so anyways after morning practice.
So that is just what we are doing. I am unsure of what our internet availability will be like there so I want to write a quick hello before leaving.
It's been great to get a few more days of training in here. Yesterday was perhaps my favorite day yet having done two great classics skis. The trails public trails around here seem to go in every direction and are endless. We came across many folks enjoying the winter weather by going for a ski tour and often stopping at one of the many ski huts to enjoy a drink or picnic lunch. For those that didn't pack a lunch for the day, there are many great food stands selling German bratwurst on real buns and coffee, beer or Fanta to wash it all down with. Not a bad meal for three Euro.
I'm now off to drive back into the sunshine. Updates from Garmish soon to come...stay tuned,