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From Minnesota to Maine to the sunny land of Boulder, CO, I have been competing as an athlete all my life and been working as massage therapist for six years now. Helping athletes with greater recovery, bounce back from injury faster, and helping one's body perform at it's best is what I aim to do. My love for sport, training and helping a body feel good and perform at it's best has driven me into a career in massage therapy. I strive for nothing less than the best...let me help you reach greater heights.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

From Maine to Minnesota and on to Utah...

Here at last, our Utah training camp. This might be my favorite camp of the year, well besides when we are actually skiing on snow. After spending a week at home in Minnesota, where a cold kept me from hitting up fewer of my favorite training spots than I had hoped, I have now arrived in Utah. I had a good time in MN, getting in lots of great family time. I did come down with a cold for a few days, which prevented me from hitting up a few of my favorite training spots in Duluth, but on the up side I am feeling good and rested now. I am ready to train. Our team is staying up in Park City this year, which is a little higher in elevation from Heber City or Midway, which is where Soldier Hollow is. We will spend a good amount of our time down at Soldier Hollow, making use of the great rollerski loop and the shooting range. I am looking forward to meeting up with some of the other many athletes that are going to be training around here in the next few weeks, including the U.S. Ski team, U.S. Biathlon team, a crew from Canada and many more! The cool mornings and sunny days make this place a perfect place to train this time of year. I have been lucky enough to have trained here through October for quite a few years now and I am far from sick of it. Not a bad time of year to be living the life of a biathlete! More from the trails of Utah soon....cheers, BethAnn

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Testing week....completed!

The Mars Hill run this morning wrapped up our Fall session of testing. In the end it wasn't as grueling as I had expected, which was a nice surprise I must say. The run this morning went well. The perfect weather didn't hurt. :) I was happy to feel strong enough after the race to the top, to throw in a couple long level three ski walking intervals in afterwards. All and all a good day. A day of rest and then quickly back into things. Those October races are coming up quickly....

Friday, September 9, 2011

a little scenery from the last few weeks...

The past few weeks I have enjoyed getting back into training here in Northern Maine. Here are few photos to sum up what I have been up to. Starting with the photo above, David and I were lucky enough to enjoy beautiful few days spent up on Madawaska Lake. Waking up to this view could never get old. A passing few shots on a great road ride through the area....
...happily sporting my new Icebreaker cycling gear. Merino wool keeping me comfy, cool and even smelling nice, can't go wrong.
I had a great time out at NHC helping out our next great American biathlete! Very nice shooting Anna!
With Hurricane Irene breathing down our neck, the Fourth Annual Harvest Classic bike race was postponed to Labor Day. Unfortunately we didn't have any better of weather on our rescheduled date. Our numbers were pretty low but we had a handful of awesome, tough riders that made the event. All and all a good day. The Harvest Classic is a bike race that my husband David started four years ago now. It is a forty mile bike race and a 20 mile tour that loops around the rolling hills of Caribou, Perham and Woodland. It covers some of my favorite roads to ride and rollerski on.
Our two lone female participates split the prize money as they crossed the finish line in a photo finish. Two awesome, tough women really gettin' it done.
David and I went over and cheered on the younger runners of The County at the middle school Cross Country Running race. It was a nice cool Fall kind of day and brought back all kinds of great memories of my Cross Country running days. It was fun to see so many enthusiastic young runners from the area.
And then the strength testing....ouch! Glad to have that one done. Only one more day of testing this week....Mars Hill run. :)
More from the trail again soon....cheers, BA .

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Labor Day I hope you all have enjoyed your long weekend of Labor Day. It has been a good one in my books. An interval session in Fort Kent Saturday morning followed by a great shooting workout in the afternoon kicked off my holiday weekend. I am rounding it out with the rescheduled Harvest Classic bike tour/race here in Caribou this afternoon. Last Sunday’s forecast, with Irene breathing down our necks, forced us to reschedule this now annual bike event. The skies are looking mighty thick and heavy with rain this morning, so it isn’t looking like it is going to be anymore dry today. I am still optimistic that we’ll have good showing for the event. As we are now a few days into September I am starting to feel the racing season rapidly approaching. August was a busy month with our races in Jericho, VT early on, a great training camp in Sugarloaf mid month and a good volume block towards the end, finishing right here in Aroostook County. I am happy to report that I am not ready to throw out my rollerskis yet and am still enjoying the pavement at this point in the year. This isn’t to say that I am not frequently dreaming of gliding smoothly over the snow and listening to the soft crunch of my poles digging into the snow verses the hard clank of them hitting the hard pavement. But Fall is fast approaching and that might just be my favorite time of year. I am happily wearing a cozy wool sweater and socks, sipping a hot beverage while I write. Training in the cool air this time of year is one of the best feelings. On a side note it is the cool, DRY air that I like best. You will on occasion hear me grumbling about going out into the cool, WET weather for a shooting and skiing workout. Not my favorite. The upcoming week is our second testing week of the year. Another 3000 meter run is on the docket along with a strength test and the Mars Hill run, which we haven’t yet run this year. A few more team meetings thrown in there and a shooting workout or two, a few hours here and there massaging and I will have myself a full week. I am now just hoping for some dry weather to go with it all. Cheers, BA