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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fresh start

A foggy road ahead.  Sometimes, you just have to put your head down
and trust that the road is leading you right where you need to go. 
There is something nice about the ending of one season and the start of another.  While many things in life run right into one another, the idea of starting fresh has always been something that I have enjoyed.  In ski racing the end of the winter and working your way into the growing season again is always a time of transition, a time to regroup, a new beginning.
This spring season has been especially that.  Many changes are in the works, with many details yet to be worked out.  While the unknown often makes me nervous or perhaps more impatient, I am learning to work through things more slowly and enjoy the process, at least most of the time.

I do know that change is good.  To have things stay the same would only lead to a life without adventure, learning or new experience.  While I will continue racing in the year ahead, I am also looking forward to explore and expanding in other areas in my life as well.  More on that in the near future. I have to be on my way,  a new adventure awaits...


This spring I have been able to enjoy a few different activities I don't often get a chance to do other times of year.  Including.....

An amazing afternoon of food, friends, and beauty in a perfectly plan bridal shower
for a very good friend!
A game of Settlers of Catan along with a hot coffee = the perfect activity for a
cold rainy spring day. (p.s. I won too! :) )

I enjoyed an amazing day of rock climbing in Acadia National Park 
Catching up on lost time with my very energetic niece and nephew.   You can
never spend too much time at the playground!
Worth waiting for...two years later my asparagus is going to be ready to eat shortly...
A true test of patience!