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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Refresh button

I'm finally back with a long overdue update. It has been a long, tough couple of weeks. Nationals came and went. It felt like a week of suffering for me, which happens. I had a couple of ruff races and was challenged in new ways every race. My not so stellar performances has forced me to take a good, hard look at my training, racing, race approach and life over the past few weeks. What is good, what isn't,
what to change, what to keep the same, what needs the most attention and what am I working towards? A lot of tough questions to ask yourself but important one's to0. a For this reason, I will say my races at National weren't a total loss.
X-C Nationals followed the week of biathlon Nationals. I had planned and was excited to race in all of these also. My body had a different plan. I came down with a chest cold and all kinds of nasty sickness after the closing of biathlon Nationals. So I was stuck in bed for the week instead of racing. Another downer but what are you going to do?
On a side note from Nationals, I was very excited to see many faces from the Southern Maine Biathlon Club during the events. Not only did this crew race but they were some of the best cheerers I have encountered all year. Three tough races for me left me digging deep to keep on pushing. All the voices from SMBC really help pull me through some low spots. Thanks to all these folks. You are an inspiring group who I love being around!
After taking nearly two weeks to recover from my sickness, I am finally feeling back to normal. I am currently staying busy thinking through my past season and working out a plan for the year ahead. I am also spending as much time as I can in my own personal therapy, of the garden variety. It is most relaxing and therapeutic activity I can do this time of year. It's amazing what a little sun, dirt and greenery can do for you.

Happy spring to you all!


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