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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fresh Start with a new training tool!

It has offically begun, training season 2010/11. Today was the first offical day for me. My break over the past few weeks has been a good one and a much needed one.
I am now craving more sunshine and time outdoors. Hopfully I will have more of both in the weeks ahead.
One of my goals in the upcoming year is to keep things in better balance, both in training, recovery and life. And thanks to my friends and supporters at Pressure Positive Co., I have a new tool to help me out with this. It is called the Tiger Tail Muscle Massager. It is a great tool I use to help flush out my leg, hips, arms and even feet after training, helping me recover faster and feel better faster. I defiantly needed after my run today. Running is always a little harder on my body then other activities. Adequate recovery, including stretching, food, drink and activities such as massage and using great products like the Tiger Tail and stretching strap are important to stay in touch with throughout all parts of the season. These activies are crutial to staying healthy, happy and injury free through the hours of training that lie ahead.
Check out the Tiger Tail and all of Pressure Postitives other great products at their website: http://pressurepositive.com/index.aspx.

Lots more udates to come as the training begins,
Think sun!


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  1. Ooh. That sounds like the Stick and I love the Stick, though I haven't gotten around to buying one yet! I'll have to look into the Tiger Tail, too.