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Friday, January 28, 2011

I have always loved going to coffee shops. It is a weakness of mine, some might say. I can sit and sip a hot beverage for hours and read, people watch, work on my computer or just catch up with friends. Today, while I am writing this update I am especially enjoy the view. I am overlooking the biathlon stadium in Oberhof, Germany. What a fantastic idea these Germans had. Who wouldn't want to sip coffee or enjoy a beer while overlooking beautiful ski trails and perfectly manicured biathlon range? This afternoon the range has but a few athletes on it, getting some last minute training in no doubt, before tomorrow race. The walls inside the cafe are covered with Olympic posters and well known faces of biathlon. No wonder so many Germans love biathlon, or is it because they love biathlon the reason why they have such a place? Hard to say. Either way I am enjoying taking this all in.
I am here for a short break before heading over to our wax cabin to prep my skis for tomorrow. The conditions should be good and thanks to some advice from my coaches over at MWSC, the waxing should be pretty straight forward. Now if I only spoke German! I am SLOWLY working on it. Anyone need someone to practice German with? If so, I am your girl...and let me know.
Things were quite lively here this morning with athletes of all different levels getting ready for the races this weekend. I saw a few different world cup athletes and all kinds of up and coming Germans. It is fun to be on such a busy range again. The area around the wax cabins was full of activity as well. My favorite sight was watching two girls unload a big case of beer, (it took both of them to carry it), from their van to the wax cabin. These Germans sure do love their beer! That is one way to make sure your wax techs are happy.
We are doing just fine however, without any beverages filled with hops. Coaches meeting tonight at five, dinner and soon after bed time looks to be the schedule for now. But first I better get started with my own waxing....
happy skiing to you all,



  1. That sounds amazing! I didn't know you were still involved in the sport. Good luck in the race tomorrow! I can't wait to hear how you did!

    ~Nicole (Clairmont) J

  2. good luck Bethann, me and Tracy Spooner were talking yesterday about the biathlon and i told here i like to follow your posts on here, and she thought it was cool that u have a site like this. i enjoy the pics! once again GOOD LUCK and i will be thinking of u tomorrow, and i am sure you will do great:) i will be following how u did:) your ausome! see you when you get back in 3 weeks:) your not racing up here are you?

  3. Hello Bammers!
    Sounds like all is good over there. We are thinking about you here in Duluth. Jaclyn went to her first plain SKI race today. She was a champ again, this time cheering on her dad.
    Have fun and race hard.
    Let the tail go with the hide!