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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On to the next...

We have had four days of beautiful sunny, blue skies here in Oberhof. From what I am told, that is a rare occurrence. This morning we woke up to the fog again and new that it was time to move on to our next location, Garmish. We were actually planning to do so anyways after morning practice.
So that is just what we are doing. I am unsure of what our internet availability will be like there so I want to write a quick hello before leaving.
It's been great to get a few more days of training in here. Yesterday was perhaps my favorite day yet having done two great classics skis. The trails public trails around here seem to go in every direction and are endless. We came across many folks enjoying the winter weather by going for a ski tour and often stopping at one of the many ski huts to enjoy a drink or picnic lunch. For those that didn't pack a lunch for the day, there are many great food stands selling German bratwurst on real buns and coffee, beer or Fanta to wash it all down with. Not a bad meal for three Euro.
I'm now off to drive back into the sunshine. Updates from Garmish soon to come...stay tuned,

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  1. Is Lanny posing with a sandwich? Is that a sandwich posing with Lanny Barnes? What are we taking from this? Great sandwiches in Germany! Photo inspired by the likes of chambo not doubt.