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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring time?

While the trees are blooming are flowers are blossoming most place in the Northern Hemisphere this time of year, Northern Maine is still feeling pretty chilly. The last two mornings I woke up to my thermometer reading 38F. Brr, is all I have to say to that.
The cold, wet weather didn't keep fourteen of us from peddling up and down the hills of Northern Maine, New Brunswick and Quebec this past Saturday during Fresh Trails Adventures season kick off F.A.R.M. Ride, (French Acadian Randonee of Maine). Randonee rides are often done throughout central Europe. One day group rides with a mix of paved and well packed dirt roads, Randonnee rides are most often have support vehicles providing food and drink stops and gear support. These rides are meant to be an enjoyable day of riding, often exploring new routes. Fresh Trails choose some beautiful and challenging roads throughout New Brusnwick and Quebec for the bike tour companies the first offered Randonee.

After the initial struggle of getting out of bed, putting on my many layers of bike clothing and heading out the door, things were quite enjoyable throughout the day. We broke up our 80 mile ride with an amazing lunch at the Auberge La Dulce Vite in Nortre Dame du Lac in Quebec. After fulling back up and throwing on a few dry cloths we all jumped back on our bikes to make our way back towards Fort Kent, where we started and finished the ride for the day. In the end we only peddled in the rain for short while in the morning and briefly just after lunch. I was pleasantly warm throughout the entire ride and thanks to our two great support vehicles was never ran out of water or food for the entire ride. Spirits were high throughout the entire day and in the end I believe everyone was quite happy with themselves for crawling out of bed and forcing themselves outside on a dearly Saturday morning. Upon departing for the day we were all looking forward to putting our legs up and putting our new Fresh Trails pint glass, (everyone got one in their goodie bag!) to use. Well deserved on all counts.

Thanks to all of those who joined in on the fun. I am glad you were all there to get me out their in the first place. Wouldn't have wanted to miss out on any of it.
cheers, BA

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