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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Training camps

Who doesn't enjoy a good training camp? I am here in Lake Placid, New York for my first training camp of the year. It is a short one, only lasting a week, but I am excited to be here and to take full advantage of all that my first camp of the year has to offer.
While all us endurance athletes train a great deal at home though our training season, training camps offer a special time to ramp up our focus and really put all our energy into training. It also offers a great chance to train with a bigger or perhaps different group of athletes, train in a different setting and have more time to work with coaches on the smaller details of our sport.
Here at the Olympic Training Center, (OTC), it is especially nice since we have a full dinning hall where we can eat all our meals and a sports medical office where we can stop by and stretch, jump in the ice bath or get help with any other ache or pain that may come up. Overall it is a nice place to be.
I am most excited about have a week of having to focus on not much more than my training. While I do miss digging around in my garden this time of year it is really great to leave everything behind for a short while and zero in on accomplishing my goals as a biathlete.
So far things have been going great. The weather is starting to listen to my requests for dry, sunny weather. And after only two days I feel my shooting is on a great upswing that I plan extending all the way through the 2011-12 racing season. In addition to the great company of my MWSC teammate and coach it's also a lot of fun to do a little training with the National team and National team coaches as well.
As I said before, who doesn't love a training camp?

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