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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Training period 2 recap

Keeping up to date with my blog updates hasn't been a strong suit of mine lately. This is not to say I haven't thought about all kinds of different activities and adventures I could post about. Instead of trying to sum up the last couple weeks in words, I'll do my best to do so in pictures.
Things started off pretty chilly. This sight was not a motivating one before a fairly uncomfortable track workout.
Cool, wet weather seemed to be the weather pattern we have been following for the past couple weeks here. We had a wet but productive trail clean up day at NHC a few weeks back.

...with a few nice days mixed in-between rain and thunderstorms

A week of training in Lake Placid proved to be my most productive training week yet. Accompanied by nicer weather and a few extra people to play around with on the range here and there made for a great week. Here's a view from White Face Mountain

A night of Sushi making may have been the highlight!

Back here in Northern Maine training has been going well. This past week was a little lighter on the training to allow our bodies to rest up a bit for the week of testing we have coming up. Our MWSC Elite Team orientation begins on Wednesday. We are kicking it off with a 3000 meter run. I'm looking forward to having everyone together again and really jump start our training group.
One last image from this past week is a shot of my juice making experiment. After acquiring a beautiful, industrial strength juicer I was excited to tested it out I was pleasantly surprised to find rhubarb juice pretty darn good. Who would have thought! Many other concoctions were made as well, some turning out better than others. I think I have a bit of refining yet to do.

cheers, BethAnn

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