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Thursday, September 29, 2011

From Maine to Minnesota and on to Utah...

Here at last, our Utah training camp. This might be my favorite camp of the year, well besides when we are actually skiing on snow. After spending a week at home in Minnesota, where a cold kept me from hitting up fewer of my favorite training spots than I had hoped, I have now arrived in Utah. I had a good time in MN, getting in lots of great family time. I did come down with a cold for a few days, which prevented me from hitting up a few of my favorite training spots in Duluth, but on the up side I am feeling good and rested now. I am ready to train. Our team is staying up in Park City this year, which is a little higher in elevation from Heber City or Midway, which is where Soldier Hollow is. We will spend a good amount of our time down at Soldier Hollow, making use of the great rollerski loop and the shooting range. I am looking forward to meeting up with some of the other many athletes that are going to be training around here in the next few weeks, including the U.S. Ski team, U.S. Biathlon team, a crew from Canada and many more! The cool mornings and sunny days make this place a perfect place to train this time of year. I have been lucky enough to have trained here through October for quite a few years now and I am far from sick of it. Not a bad time of year to be living the life of a biathlete! More from the trails of Utah soon....cheers, BethAnn

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