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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Oh, where to start...
It is hard to believe so much time has past since my last update.  It leaves me a little uncertain as to where to pick up from. 
A quick review of February:  I was sick.  The biggest downfall from this was my inability to race in the Birkie.  I am not sure if there is anything worse than being at a big event, feeling well prepared but sickness or injury prevents you from starting.  This was probably my low point in the year.  It did help me realize just how much I really do love racing.  Despite the anxiety and pressure of performing well I often put on myself in races, it is a whole lot of fun when you actually get out there and do it.  The one up to being on the sidelines was being able to watch my husband David come in second, (later was moved up to first due to a disqualification), in the classic Birkie and my sister and brother-in-law have personal bests as well.  There always is a silver lining.
On to March:  It started out with amazing skiing in Aroostook County.  I enjoyed a great amount of time helping out at high school and other community events throughout the area.  I was able to join in on the fun of an amazing Women’s ski day, a kickin’ Aroostook Youth Ski day and even join in on the final Aroostook Cup race of the year. 
My final biathlon races of the season just wrapped up last weekend in Val Cartier, Quebec.  It is hard to believe that the conditions were as great as they really were, given warm weather and an early morning thundershower Sunday.  Somehow the course held up and the skiing was pretty darn good all week long.  I had a slow start to the week, with a lot of missed targets in the Mass start.  Thankfully I put things together over the weekend and walked away with two 5th places in the sprint and mass start. 
 In between the races, I was able to help out with a Fast and Female event, (www.fastandfemale.com, check it out if you aren’t familiar.  It’s an awesome organization!).  And it was in a Quebec school.  There were a couple highlights to this particular F & F event.  First, it was a biathlon specific event.  We were able to set up a full biathlon air rifle range in the gym of the school!  It was so cool.  And the girls were so into it.  The second highlight was it was in a Quebec school, so it was mostly in French.  While a bit awkward at times, I was excited to work on my French with all the girls and many of them were excited to practice their English as well. 
I have since returned from Quebec, and enjoyed a couple days back at home.  I had the chance to get a ski in at Aroostook State Park and test out Atomic’s Skintech skis, which are awesome.   I can’t wait to order my for next year already.  I now have my car packed up again and am ready to head to Vermont.  I’ll admit, I am having believing I am going to be skiing on snow once I get down there.  The weather continues to feel more like summer and not at all like winter or even spring.  I am only signed up for the 30km race, as I will be helping out with the adaptive team earlier in the week.  One way or another, it should be a great time.  And I did pack some shorts! 
Update from Craftbury coming soon…-BA

March in Aroostook County started off with some amazing skiing.  Picture perfect day!

Perhaps the best part of the week,  maple candy!  Doin' it right in Canada! :)

A bit warm and foggy, but the conditions held up amazingly well all week in Valcartier, QU.

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