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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lots of catching up to do...

How long it has been!  Here is a fairly quick summary of the last month:  trip to Mid-West,  cancellation of the Mora Vassaloppet due to lack of snow, racing 42km Pre-Birkie race instead and placing 2nd,  getting sick, getting the flu, endless frustration,  sitting out of the Birkie because of sickness.  It is always frustrating getting sick, and feels so much worse when you want and should be racing instead, but it happens to us all at some point in time.  After nearly three weeks of battling one thing or another, my health feels nearly normal again. Thank goodness.
I am back in Aroostook County enjoying the great abundance of snow we have here!  This morning I am even going to give a little classic sprinting a try, just as a workout.  I am not ready for a classic sprint race just yet.
 I do promise to have a more thorough update shortly!  Until then, check out the photos below of all great fun the kids of Aroostook County had yesterday in the Aroostook Youth Ski Festival.  I was working with the little Lollipop skiers!  Endless energy, no fear and OH so cute!  Great time had by all.

Happy skiing to you all,


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