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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Winter has arrived.

I grew up in Northern Minnesota. I am no stranger to cold weather. Never the less every year when winter falls upon us, I begin to wonder how many layers of clothing I can wear and still move on skis. Thankfully my body gradually adapts to the cold and I am much tougher. But right now, I am feeling a little wimpy.

This morning we pushed back our morning training to allow the temperature to warm up a bit. It was -6F when I got up. Brrrr. By the sound of the weather forecast things aren't going to warm up any time soon. After this weekend we head to Minnesota.
Chances are we will be lucky enough to have this cold weather follow us. It looks like I will have plenty of time to get use to the cold again.

In all honesty with the right clothing, just enough Dermatone covering my face and my trusty glove liners, (seriously if you spend any time out in the cold get yourself a pair of glove liners. They are amazing!) it really isn't bad. Biathlon always makes staying warm a little more tricky with the stopping and starting while shooting but you learn tricks along the way and just do your best to have fun with it.
This cold weather makes me even more greatful of the support I receive from Icebreaker. They make base layer clothing, along with other great outdoor wear. It is all merino wool, which makes it really warm without being itchy! And always smells wonderfully. No joke. I owe many thanks to them for keeping everything from my head to my toes warm! You can check them out at www.icebreaker.com.
Thanks for checking in and remember, think snow!

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  1. Very nice article BA. Miss you and will see you soon.