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Thursday, October 21, 2010


October training camp. Things start to pick up this time of year for Nordic athletes. Everyone is dreaming of the day, someday soon, when they can pack their rollerskis away for the winter and officially announce the start of the ski season.
I would gladly spend hours on my rollerskis right now however. Last week, about four days into our training camp here in Utah I severly sprained my ankle and it has left me hobbling around unable to do a lot of our scheduled training.
I have never been all that much of a patient person when it comes to injuries or sicknesses. Apparently someone thought I needed to work on this because here I am being challenged again to rest, recover and just wait it out! ERRRRR
I know I will make it and perhaps a little extra rest might do me some good going into November.
It has been beautiful out her in Utah. Perfect weather, as always, and a great group of biathletes, including those on my team at MWSC and many more from the National & Junior Teams and National Guard teams. Solider Hollow is a great place to train for any biathlete and I think this crew is taking full advantage of our time here.
I have many more photos to post...but must wait for a better internet connection to to so. Stay tuned.
Until then...think snow...
Thanks for checking in,

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