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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The 'bou

Caribou is where I am at. I am back and happy to be so. Although I am not here for much longer. I head out on Thursday to my home state of Minnesota. I am very much looking forward to not only seeing my family while I am there, but also taking advantage of all the snow they have and, oh ya, racing! Can't wait to race!
The last week at home has been busy, of course, but nice. The rainy weather made us all do some creative thinking for training once again. Thanks to the work of those at MWSC and Big Rock I didn't have to pull my rollerskis out once! Thank GOODNESS! :)
There is about a one kilometer man made loop at Big Rock, which held up through all the rain we endured this past week. It's been nice to join in with the MSWC X-C team for a couple workouts and a time trial this past Sunday. Despite being more or less on the same team, as the season rolls on it becomes harder and harder to meet up with our non-shooting teammates. I was glad to get to do so this past week.
The word on the street is everything South and West of us got snow yesterday. Here in Caribou it was mostly rain. Enough already! Things did turn to snow sometime last night and we now have a couple inches covering the ground again. I am going to dig my fish scale skis out and see if I can get some sort of snow skiing in today. Wish me luck and even more so...wish for more snow!
Happy winter to you all,

Below are a couple pictures from the time trial this past weekend. It was seven laps for the women and ten for the men. And I think everyone actually did the correct number of loops. Go team.

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