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Friday, March 25, 2011

A new kind of Batmobile

Yesterday I finally made what felt like a very long trip back to Northern Maine. After Nationals at Mount Itasca, I stayed put for a few extra days to spend some time with my family there. But with more snow hitting Minnesota midweek and some crazy winds, I was held back by another day. Not the end of the world and I enjoyed my extra day in Duluth.
Due to my arrival time in Bangor changing I had to take the bus up North. I first took the Bat Bus from the airport to the bus station. The Bat Bus is the local transit opporation that drives folks around Bangor. I was able to hitch a ride, luggage and all, for a mear $1.25. Since I had about six hours to kill, I didn't mind the few extra mintues it took to taking the bus verse a taxi. Where does the name come from? It is an acronim for something, perhaps Bangor Area Transit. The greatest part about the entire opperation is the enormous bat painted on the side of the bus!
This is taking me a bit of course the happenings of last week at U.S. Nationals. Three races in four days is the normal set up for such an event, but left me feeling pretty spent by Sunday afternoon.
After a ruff start in Thursday's sprint race I was ready to put together a couple great races during the weekend. Saturday's pursuit race went fairly smoothly. Except for my two misses in my last standing stage, things went fairly smooth for the day. My fifth place finish on the day wasn't quite where I had hoped to be but I wasn't far out of the top three so I felt good about that.
My last biathlon race of the 2010/11 season unfortunatly turned into quite a struggle. I felt close to the worst I have all year skiing and couldn't get the targets to fall in my favor. It was a ruff race to get through.
Overall I came up a bit short from where I wanted to be at Nationals and overall this year. I did have great races scatered throughout the season but wasn't as consistent as I needed and wanted to be to get the results I was working towards.
I have spent a great amount of time this past week evaluating training, racing and other obsticals I faced this year. I feel that I have a good idea where I stand and have already started the process of creating my plan of attack for the up coming season. I think I have finally collected all the pieces and ready to start putting them all into place. It's the start of some really great things to come....stay tuned!

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