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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A seasons end

Another racing season has come to an end. They always seem to go by so quickly. I now find myself back in Caribou catching up on projects I have been putting off since last spring.
A a winter athlete, the spring time is a great time to relax a bit and let your body rest. I find this harder than it probably should be. The spring is also the perfect time to look back on the past training and racing season and do a good evaluation. What was good, what wasn't, did you reach your goals, if so why not; the questions seem endless. I also find many of these questions and other like them to be quite challenging to answer honestly.
Quite frankly, I didn't reach many of the goals I set out for myself this past season. Why did I come up short? I think there are a number of factors. And I am still sorting through them all. I will say balancing things in my life better will help me become better at everything I do. At this point in the game, it doesn't do me much good to beat myself up about any of my short comings this past season. What I can do is learn from this year and make the necessary changes to make sure I reach my goals in the year ahead. I still have a great deal of number crunching, brain storming and evaluating to do to make sure I start the 2011-12 season off right. But for now I am going to give my body and mind a little longer break from all that.
Spring, summer, Fall and of course winter; it's all been busy and filled with adventure after adventure. The good, bad and the ugly all made their own appearances. I am now working on my plan to keep the bad and ugly out of the game in the year ahead. Wish me luck.

cheers, BethAnn

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