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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Moving forward from Jericho

It's been a busy week moving from the army base in Jericho, back to Aroostook County, down to Southern Maine and finally over to the Western Mountain of Maine. The Maine Winter Sports Center team is now all settled in at Carabassett Valley Academy right next to Sugarloaf Mountain. It is my second time here for a training camp, last year around this time being my first. I had a blast last year and expect no less this time around. I am really excited to have some new terrain to log some serious hours on.

The races last weekend in Jericho left a little to be desired. A extremely hot day on Saturday zapped a lot of people, including me, but we all made it through it. If nothing else it re-confirmed that winter sports suit me best. Sunday's race was a bit of a character builder when I had a few ruff moments in the range. After a little post race analysis I am feeling a bit better about the weekend. It's given me a better picture of what I need to work on; which lead me to our training camp!

I couldn't be more excited to have just over a week to be here and have my soul focus to be on training. And even better yet we have a great crew to train with and all kinds of new roads, trails and even mountains to play on.

I am heading to bed early tonight gearing up for our first training session of the camp tomorrow morning. A 30km pace workout is on the docket. I am looking forward to having some great company for it.


We had a quick night of camping in the Freeport area before our team sea kayacking event on Sunday. We lucked out with great weather. A quick stop at Isabella's Sticky Buns in Freeport before hitting the water made me one happy camper! :)

During my short few days in Northern Maine this past week I spent a good amount of time hanging out with my little buddy pictured here, at NHC. He has made his home around the range building and is sure to pop his head out and check out what is going on multiple times during my workouts.

My long run at the Nordic Heritage Center quickly turned into a mushroom hunt. Lobster mushrooms and chanterelles were in abundance and I was excited to take advantage. :) I have some great pasta dishes coming my way.

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