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Sunday, October 2, 2011


So far so good. Utah has been treating us well for the last few days. We are about four days into our training camp here in Park City Utah. We are actually staying up in Deer Valley, which is beautiful and also pretty high in elevation, at least by my standards. But I seem to be acclimating fairly well. We are doing a good amount of morning tests to monitor how our bodies are handling the additional stress of living and training between 7200 and 10,000 feet, (our hike two days ago followed a ridge line that was just about 10,000 ft.). Morning heart rate, lactate, glucose, and O2 saturation levels all measured before breakfast keeps us on top of training well for where our bodies are at.
After our first few days of mostly volume training and a little strength, we are taking it easy today before jumping into more intensity in the days to follow. Our shooting has been on hold due to a Civil War reenactment going on at Soldier Hollow the last few days. I wonder what biathlon would be like using some of rifles from there era?

I am off to lunch with two great friends and then putting in some time in the kitchen baking some bread and making my first attempt at cooking up some pork chili verde, all while watching a little football. I do enjoy off days while at training camps . :)

Cheers, BA

A quick trip to Ogden and the Atomic factory to pick up my new skis for the year. A few changes to the ski and some fancy new graphics have left me more excited than ever to get on snow and try them out!

One of the many gourgous views on our hike from the Canyon to Guardsman pass on day two.


Taking advantage of the free public transit in Park City. Fun urban classic ski starting around the Canyons and working our way back up to Deer Valley.

A close moose encounter while on my morning jog just outside of our condo.

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