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Monday, February 22, 2010

Madison Winter Festival 2010

This past weekend David and I went into the city for some Nordic races. Downtown Madison, WI was the home to many great winter festivities on both Saturday and Sunday. David and I took part in the Nordic races held around the capital building. After bringing in over 100 truck loads of snow on Friday night, the course was ready for races by Saturday morning.
The different race formats made for some tricky racing and perhaps not my best. But I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the change in scenery.
Saturdays criterium grew a fairly big crowd. Nearly all of the 3/4 of a kilometer loop was lined with spectators cheering on all the racers as we looped around and around. While warming up around the capital streets I was able to view a few of the other events going on. There were snowshoe races and obi scale courses for kids, a biking loop on snow, a huge snow covered ramp for snowboarders and later on snow tubing. On Sunday there was a great snow cross bike race and some very talented snow sculptures hard at work and a sit ski tour for folks to try too. It was a great atmosphere with all kinds of winter fun and excitement being had.
The folks of Madison know how to put on a good weekend of winter fun. Many thanks to all of those that worked hard to put this all together. If my circumstances allow, I will defiantly be back next year. Hope to see all of you there too!
Here is a video of the start of the men's criterium on Saturday. They had too many racers to all start at once, so the men had to do a qualifier before hand. What you see here is the top twenty men starting the final 12 lap race.

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