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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thanks to many


The Olympics have begun. They are always exciting. While I am disappointed I am not competing there myself, I am still excited to see how everything unfolds. One of my favorite parts of the Olympics is the attention that is put on more obscure sports like biathlon. I am obviously biased, but I feel biathlon and may other great winter sports are too often overlooked in the eye of the American sports fan. The Olympics is a great, and short, exception to this.

So my Olympic pursuit didn't come through this time. But the support I received going into this pursuit has been great. I would like to recognize some of the great support I have received throughout this entire process. There are so many people involved in sport on an elite level. I wish more recognition was given to all those folks that are working behind the scene, supporting the athletes.

The Pressure Positive Company, Icebreaker clothing and Grandy Oats Granola have all support me well before the Olympics were being broad-casted on televisions across the world. I owe so many thanks to each of these companies for their support.

The Backnobber I am using in this picture is from Pressure Positive Co. It is at the top of my packing list no matter where I go. Icebreaker's ski socks I am wearing here have replaced all others! They are amazing. And thanks to being made out of 100% merino wool, they keep my toes toasty warm and always smell fresh! No joke!

The biathlon report will continue here shortly...stay tuned!

Cheers, BethAnn

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