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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A few more spring adventures

We are officially four weeks into the training season now. I have been working on brining my fitness level up through lots of long easy hours with a little speed and threshold work mixed in. I'm trying to keep workouts fun and not too specific this time of year. David and I are currently on short adventure through Vermont. I am helping him scout out some bike routes for Fresh Tracks Adventures trips, (if you haven't checked out their web-site yet go to www.makefreshtracks.com).

In attempt to mix things up a bit, I ventured over to Aroostook State Park the other day for a great hike/run. It was a cool, dreary day but a great one to spend in the woods. My Icebreaker cloths made sure I was nice and warm! Thanks again Icebreaker!

The sign says it all...

Daivd's new business adventure is in full swing. While he will still compete this winter, he is also working hard on getting Fresh Tracks Adventures off the ground. He has spent more hours than ever before sitting behind his little computer, over the last few weeks.

Home for the night. David and I will be camping out over the next few days while we scope out the roads of Vermont for the best bike routes for Fresh Tracks Adventures. It's a great adventure for us too!

The enemy! My gardening is in full swing. I haven't yet planted my vegtable seeds and seedling in the ground, and it is mostly because of this little bugger! He has settled into our neighborhood recently, and I think is anticipating a feast as soon as I put everything into the ground. Something is going to have to be done to ensure David and I are eating the veggies from our garden, not this guy! I am open to ideas, please share! :)

Our current working space! You've got to love Vermont's small town general stores and coffee shops!
Cheers, BethAnn

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