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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quick clip from the winter months

I was just clearing things off my camera and came across this short video clip I took this past winter while in Czech. As athletes, we all train hard and race even harder. But in the winter months, while racing and traveling to races, we find ourselves with a bit more down time then we are use to. We are often limited on what activities we can do due to transportation, location, and the racing requirements of lots of rest and recovery. In other words, we have to become pretty creative at entertaining ourselves within a mile or so of our hotel, without overexerting ourselves, in a foreign country where we don't speak the language, (I am trying to work on that last point! Thanks Rosetta Stone! :)). This video is an example of one solution we came up with this year.
This January while in Czech the girls team found a couple somewhat bizarre yet challenging puzzles at the local grocery store. We decided they would be a good investment for all of us. This short clip demonstrates just how far we will go to entertain ourselves in our time away from the ski trails.
Hope you enjoy! -BA

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