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From Minnesota to Maine to the sunny land of Boulder, CO, I have been competing as an athlete all my life and been working as massage therapist for six years now. Helping athletes with greater recovery, bounce back from injury faster, and helping one's body perform at it's best is what I aim to do. My love for sport, training and helping a body feel good and perform at it's best has driven me into a career in massage therapy. I strive for nothing less than the best...let me help you reach greater heights.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A traveling fool...

So it begins. Saturday I will leave for our training camp in Utah. The start of much more traveling ahead. II love the travel but struggle with a bit at times. I am always excited when it is time to pull out my luggage again, but I also like to create my own nest and have space of my own. I have gotten pretty good at doing so in any space I have, whether it be a hotel room, ten square feet around a bed, or car seat, which makes things much easier. Now if I could only find room in my suitcase for my husband, I'd be all set!
Regardless, deep down I do love it. Perhaps because the travel is associated with things I love, training and soon....racing! There are always a number of unknowns when going into a racing season, including my specific travel schedule. Things are always subject to change and a lot depends on how well I am racing.
Here are a few dates and places I do know and a few others that I hope to be at:
October 10th-24th - Solider Hollow Utah training camp
November 8th- ? - Canmore, Alberta, CAN, December World Cup trials
February 4th-6th - World Cup #7 Presque Isle, Maine
February 10th-13th- World Cup #8 Fort Kent, ME
March 1st-13th - World Championships, Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia
March 17th-20th - U.S. Nationals, Mount Itasca, Grand Rapids, MN


  1. best of luck to ya BethAnn, see you when you get back:)

  2. Train hard and stay healthy, BethAnn! We are rooting for you all the way! Pressure Positive