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Friday, January 22, 2010

My updated race schedule

It has taken me a while but I have finally put together my race schedule for the rest of the season. I have decided to jump into some Nordic races to fill in some holes where there are no any biathlon races going on. I am looking forward to a little change of pace.
Here is what things look like:
Jan 23 - Super Tour, Minneapolis 5km skate
Jan 30,31 - Super Tour, Telemark, WI, 5km classic, 10km skate
Feb 6,7 - NORAM biathlon cup, Jericho, VT
Feb.12,13 - NORAM biathlon cup, Lake Placid, NY
Feb. 20-21 - Super Tour Madison, WI sprint classic/10km skate
Feb. 27th - American Birkiebiner, Haward, WI
Mar. 18-21 - U.S. Biathlon Nationals, Fort Kent, ME
Mar. 24-28 - U.S. Nordic Marathon Nationals/Spring Series

It's going to be a lot of racing. Let's hope I have the energy to get through it all.
I am very excited to have a run season of racing in front of me. This is what makes the long hours of training in the spring, summer and fall worth it.

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