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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A classic adventure

My race skis never made it out of the car this morning. I did race however.
Today the Super Tour held a 5km classic race here in Telemark, WI. I was a little nervous to begin with since I haven't done a classic race in over two years. That was also about the last time I did any sort of intensity on classic skis .
I didn't have very high expectations for myself but was looking forward to giving it a whirl. That being said, I didn't think that the outcome would turn out quite the way it did.
We woke up to another bitter cold morning, with temperatures reading around -13F about an hour before the start. I had heard a roomer they were thinking of postponing it another hour. David and I skied over to the race officials to get the latest scoop on the delay. Two of the officials confirmed that they were going to delay it one hour. David and I then went back inside the lodge to warm up and wait out the next hour before I had to get ready to race.
Apparently the officials were just discussing whether to postpone while we asked them. In the end they decided against it. I didn't know this until about two minutes before my start while I was casually walking back outside to start my warm-up.
I have never gone so quickly from relaxing indoors to starting a ski race. I had only taken my rock skis out of the car to warm up on, so that is what I raced on. David handed them to me and I ran to the start. I was putting my gloves on while I shuffled out the start and about 300 meters down the trail I finally put my poles on. It wasn't ideal but I got out there and finished.
Skiing on rock skis, with who know what kind of wax, without warming up and shuffleing around for the first few hundred meters of the race, was all a little unexpected. It wasn't my best race but it was my first classic race in quite some time and I am glad I did it.
Tomorrow is a 10km mass start skate race. I am hoping to be a bit more competitive this time.

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