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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On to Altenberg

Who doesn't love a good snow storm? I know that I do. Our last two days in Ruhpolding were snowy ones. All the newly fallen snow made for one SLOW intensity session and one beautiful classic ski. The land all around the venue is covered with walking trails that convert into classic ski trails in the winter. The amount of trails is truly amazing. You can ski from village to village all day long. A true Nordic skiers paradise.

We have now moved to the location of our final Olympic qualification races in Altenberg,Germany. It is on the Eastern side of Germany, right on the Czech boarder. The area is covered with pine forests and always seems to be in the fog. I don't think I have seen the sun since I arrived here but the trees are covered with a hard white frost making everything look beautiful.

I've had two days to train at the venue now. They are in the middle of fixing trails and setting up the range for the races this weekend. We start things off early with an American time trial tomorrow. It will be a sprint competition, meaning it will be 7.5 km for the women and 10km for the men and have two shooting stages. It is the first of three races to be counted in the final Olympic qualification.

I am excited and anxious to get things rolling. Right now I have to rest up for the exciting days that lie ahead!


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