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Monday, November 8, 2010

Unexpected stay in Toronto

Traveling....never a dull moment. Since I am still in transit, I will make this update a quick one.
After departing on a VERY small 18 passenger plane out of Portland, ME yesterday I had hoped to arrive at my final destination, Canmore Alberta about six to eight hours later. Instead ended up in Toronto for the evening and am now, some 18 hours later am still working my way to West.
Katrina, Seth and I are the only three on this traveling adventure. Both Kat and Seth did make it through customs in time to get on the flight last night to Calgary. I was not so lucky.
I am only now hoping that our luck changes upon arrival in Canmore. I am looking for a big snow storm of good luck once we unpack at our hotel. That isn't too much to ask, is it?
Due to the lack of snow in Canmore right now, we had to pack along rollerskis for the trip. This was not something I enjoyed doing but snow or no snow, the training must go on.
Below is the only photo I took so far on our journey West. Hope you enjoy the view from inside our tiny little aircraft from Portland to Toronto. And did I mention it was a very bumpy two hour flight? Oh how thankful I am for my ability to sleep through just about anything!
Happy snow dances to you all!


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