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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Waiting out the cold

This morning I rose out of bed and continued on with my normal morning routine of bundling up for a quick walk/jog outside before coming in and making breakfast. I knew with the burn of my first inhale, once I stepped outside it was going to be a challenging day. When I say challenging I mean the challenge of trying to figure out what we can do for training without frying our lungs in frigid Canadian air.
It is nearly 11:00 am while I writing this and the latest temperature check reads -20F. In reading this I am actually feeling better since it went up two degrees in the last forty minutes. I am not one who is afraid of cold weather but I have had enough experience to know that trying to ski when it is -20F out is just not a good idea.
So for the time being I will get caught up on all my other activities and keep brainstorming for what is the best plan for training today. Thankfully the forecast calls for temperatures in the 20s (above zero this time:) ) in the next couple days.
On a different note, I hope you all enjoy the photos below. Many thanks to my teammate Ben for standing out in the cold, cheering us on in our races and freezing his finger while taking many of these shots. I believe some of the photo credit also must go to my coach, Seth. Although I will be honest, I don't know who took what.
Hope to have a real ski report for you all shortly, having come off the ski trail and not a weather report explaining why I am not on the ski trails right now! Ah the joys of winter!
Happy skiing to you!

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